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BODY BY VONGOVA featured in Vogue, September 2015

BODY BY VONGOVA featured in "Supermodel YOU" by international high fashion model Sarah Deanna, published by Hay House.

BODY BY VONGOVA in DIVAS, Africa's leading women's magazine.

Petra Nemcova
Supermodel and Founder of Happy Hearts Fund
"During the 17 years of my modeling career, I have been on constant search for the perfect results-showing exercise strategy which is short, and which I can do alone and at any of my travel destinations. Now that I have just found the solution in Body by Vongova, I have also found a fun and exciting experience.To prove it, try Monkey Dance or Flamingo for the core or the signature BumBum lift. You will feel the effectiveness immediately, as 20 minutes of this program does more than 2 hours in the gym.”

Katarina Ivanovska
Victoria's Secret Supermodel (2011)
"The Vongova Bodylift has changed my body and the way of living. As a model always have to be in shape, going to the gym is not always fun, particularly when traveling. Her workout program can be done anytime, and allows me to bring the gym with me everywhere I travel."

Lorraine Bruno
DIOR Business Manager / Lord & Taylor, New York
The Vongova Bodylift method has transformed my body and lifestyle. I am over forty years old, and have spend my life participating in several fitness programs. However, the Vongova Bodylift method is more effective than all the fitness methods I have tried. In just twenty minutes, I am dripping in sweat, and feel my muscles burn. I feel like fat is burning during every workout session. Every day, I wake up feeling motivated to exercise because the program is fun, easy to follow, and results-showing. As an added advantage, the Vongova Bodylift method is conveniently portable, and can even be performed inside your home. The method has truly transformed my wellbeing in every way.

Sarah DeAnna
Supermodel Author of Supermodel YOU
"As a model, I'm all about body perfection...and the Vongova Bodylift method tightens and tones the body from head to toe - quickly and efficiently, without spending hours at the gym."

Carole Gardner
Vice President of Marketing at L'Oréal
"I was captivated by Brenda’s routine from the first moment that we worked together. She brings an exclusive air of femininity to working out that empowers your entire desire to be sensual and seductive with an amazing kick-ass routine. She helped me prepare for my wedding, and I looked like a superstar for the bachelorette in Puerto Rico and amazing for the wedding in France. My favorite advice from her- sip water out of a wine glass, imagine you are IMAN for your posture, and avoid eating after 6pm for the ultimate weightloss . I always incorporated her advice after our serious workouts – many of which I love – like the Samarai with a sword (of course using a broom) and the ultimate treadmill workout which typically I hate – Brenda made the treadmill come alive in creative and inspiring new ways. I never got bored with Brenda’s routine, because it’s always challenging and changing. Brenda is so very committed to helping you look and feel your best – bringing me matcha green tea and suggested great restaurants so that I could still be social and lose weight. Thanks Brenda ."

Ana Durlovski
MET Opera Singer, "Queen of the Night" in Mozart's Magic Flute
"The body condition is very important for singing - to support the voice and to make the technique of singing stronger. After just one session of Vongova Bodylift, I immediately felt the difference in my body, and this is what I needed to support my opera singing."

Agapi Stassinopoulos
Author of "Unbinding the Heart"
"With joy, Brenda brings her mastery and expertise to your home, making fitness a grace-filled and fun experience. The Vongova Bodylift method is easy to do, and keep doing, as her system is a must for any woman who juggles a lot and wants to stay fit. Try it. You'll like it and give yourself the gift of Vongova. She is a gem."

Sharell Herny
BEAUTY BY CLINICA IVO PITANGUY, Business Manager / Bergdorf Goodman
"Vongova's exclusive partnership with Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy at Bergdorf Goodman provides women a simple way to discover beauty and tautness, while preventing and postponing plastic surgery.  The beauty products of Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy were developed by the world famous Dr. Ivo Pitanguy – dubbed 'the Michelangelo of the scalpel' – form a harmonic partnership with the ingenious 'Vongova Body Lift' exercise method. This revolutionary workout beautifully redesigns and transforms the body naturally:  Vongova is the world's leading architect of the human body!" 

Priscilla Zogbi
AVON Global Fragrance Marketing Director
“Brenda Vongova is a multitalented caring, holistic professional. I hired her as a trainer but I got a life coach instead. Working with my time limitations, high level of stress and sometimes little determination, Brenda slowly adapted the exercises to my needs, made them fun, memorable, relatable to my "ballerina" days and to other passions of mine. Brenda diligently researched about my health history, modifying exercises accordingly even without my noticing.Brenda, thank you so much for making exercising so easy, portable, enjoyable, part of my everyday life now. ”

Patty Wu
Former ESTÉE LAUDER Executive
“I weighed in at 118 the other day… about a full ten pounds less than when we started together! I went on my bachelorette last weekend with my girlfriends and all of them were raving about how good I look. THANK YOU!!!! I am really loving exercising and eating better. It’s easy now!!!! Whole wheat, lots of veggies, less meat. Lots of water. I’ve been preaching to my friends too. I only buy whole wheat now. Thank you for making such a major, important, and fun transition in my life for me! Oh, and of course Marc thinks I look fabulous.”

Tunde Akiode
Former Marketing Director of VICTORIA'S SECRET
It's tough.  It's intensive.  And I love it!  As an avid fitness person, I thought I have seen it all, but Brenda brings her creativity and ingenuity to routines that blew my mind and worked my butt.  I highly recommend!!

Debbie Vazquez
Former CLARINS Skin Spa Manager
“Brenda’s fitness program synergistically enhances the effectiveness of our beautiful products for a beautiful body.”

Elvira V. Lang, MD, FSIR, FSCEH
Founder and President, Hypnalgesics, LLC
"After a tendon injury I had resigned myself to never be able to run again. Brenda guided me safely and progressively to get my athletic self back and did wonders for my posture and shape. She has the ingenious knack for finding exactly the right exercises to seriously challenge a person - but without the hurt. Brenda makes exercise efficient and fun."

Helene Lam, M.D.
Eye & Ear Infirmary Physician, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL
“Brenda Vongova is the BEST personal trainer anyone could ever hope for. Her holistic philosophy is what sets her apart - she doesn't just sculpt your body into perfection - she also teaches you about nutrition, balance, and well-being. She was really a godsend and I feel so lucky that she was available to train me. I had short term goals...get fit, tone up, and lose a few pounds before my wedding. Brenda starts by listening to your needs, then formulating a work-out plan that targets your specific goals. She will also give you advice on developing a nutritional plan. After a few weeks, I started seeing some major results and my energy level increased as well. I'm happy to say that I'm well on my way to reaching my fitness goals, thanks to Brenda.”

Tom Lane
Former BBC News Reporter / Producer
Portable, practical and I dare say perfect, the Vongova program brings all the advantages of a gym with none of the costs. You can perform the exercises in practically any room, anywhere in the world. You'll work hard, but you'll feel the benefits immediately.

Mai Fujisawa, Japanese Singer (Daughter of Joe Hisaishi)
Japanese singer
"The world has yet to realize how deeply we need this simple Vongova exercise method! The refined movements in theVongova Bodylift method will help you achieve a beautiful, balanced and healthy body."

Vitaliy Pereverzev
Professional Tennis Player
I have been a professional tennis player for over a decade. Prior to meeting Vongova, I had become - for a variety of reasons - pretty skeptical of exercise specialists who worked in the gym. However, Vongova changed my attitude by 180 degrees: When someone is able to give you a solid, focused pump workout one day and then a sport-specific workout the day after (especially if you are not a novice in the sport) without blinking an eye, it is clearly called professionalism. On top of all, she completely embodies her program. (....Have you seen her?!) Vongova is the best exercise specialist. Period. End of discussion.

Elisa Niemtzow
Founder, living épanoui™
Move your bumbum with a trainer. Getting a professional’s support with your fitness endeavors often makes the difference between aspiration and reality. Recently, I was introduced to a holistic fitness coach, Brenda Vongova, who takes a joyful and intelligent approach to movement. The Harvard-educated Brenda works with a small number of clients because she saves the world by day at the United Nations. She specializes in slimming and redesigning the body holistically. Her Body Lift program takes only 20 minutes a day and can be done anywhere, without equipment. You can also add on the Vongova Tummy Tuck routine, or her Brazil-inspired Bumbum Lift.  Who’s joining me in Ipanema?

Emily Moulton
Vongova kicks butt!  Each exercise she introduces was fresh and new - I saw results right away because so many muscle groups are targeted simultaneously!  Plus - Vongova is fun and funny and she makes the time fly by!

Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
“I have been on Brenda's training program for just under a month! The results have been phenomenal! I generally train at the gym 4 times a week and have had no real results until I started Brenda's program. I have trimmed 2cm from my waistline and 1cm from my thighs! My stomach strength is consistent and I now have my 6 pack back in its full glory!! What’s more, my overall body is toned and I feel fantastic!! Thanks a million Brenda!!”

Juanita Pelaez “I started training with Brenda about 6 months ago and I've experienced a signicant improvement on my body. Not only I have been able to achieve my fitness goals, but I also feel healthier and full of energy. Brenda's technique and dedication make her the best Personal Trainer I've had so far.”
Loli Tsan, Ph.D.
“I started training with Brenda in 2007. I was hooked immediately: She taught me to strength train in a disciplined, yet entertaining manner. She fostered confidence and actually changed my overall outlook on fitness. After only a few weeks I had gained significant strength. To this day, my muscles feel toned but never bulky, and her routines are perfectly suited for my personal needs. Most importantly, I feel that Brenda’s workouts are a celebration of the woman’s body. ”
Luciana Levy
“A Brenda me surpreendeu ao me fazer gostar de correr e a cada dia me faz gostar mais de exercícios...Me exercitar virou lazer e não mais uma obrigação. ”
Maite Katar
“She has the body and heart of a Brazilian which says she knows what she is talking about.”
Clarins, the beauty leader in body and cellulite control, has invited Vongova to teach her special program in the institute’s well-being workshops.
"A lot of trainers don't understand why their clients cancel, or why they're constantly feeling fatigue, and it's not always physical. You have to address the root. You have to try to understand the client."
~ Brenda, as quoted in the Los Angeles Times, 26 April 2004